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Adventure Program Logistics Director


Job Basics

Industry Sector: Outdoor

Job Categories: Admin/Clerical, Guide (raft,fish,bike hunt,horse etc.), Operations, Outdoor Education, Trail Management

Company Type: Recreation, School/Military, Service, TravelandTourism

State: NC

City: Balsam

Country: United States

Required Experience: 5 - 7 years

Contact Name: John Rogers

Business Phone: 828-456-3435

Job Type: Full Time

Salary: $35,000 - $45,000

Required to Relocate:

Required to Travel:

Employee May Telecommute: No

Job Seeker Must Live Within: 25 miles

Job Description & Requirements

SOAR Inc. is looking for a dependable college graduate with 5+ years experience in maintenance and supervision. They should have the desire to do excellent work, to support SOARs mission by maintaining our facilities with excellence, issuing and maintaining equipment, and with the skills to assist or lead programs as necessary. This person needs organizational and technical skills, plus a desire to serve and support others.


SOAR’S Mission Statement:

SOAR is a accredited educational Academy, GAP year program, and outdoor adventure camp dedicated to a two-fold purpose:

To provide academic instruction, experiential education, interpersonal life skills development, and outdoor adventure-based programming to youth dealing with LD and/or ADHD through their participation in the Academy at SOAR.

To provide experiential education, interpersonal life skills development, and outdoor adventure-based programming to youth, young adults, and families dealing with LD and/or ADHD through SOAR’s outdoor adventure camp programs, GAP year program, and community- based services.

SOAR embraces a commitment to service that is evident in the professional and community involvement of its staff members.

SOAR is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation.


SOAR’s Vision Statement:

Be the world leader in helping youth and young adults living with learning and attention challenges achieve greater life success.


SOAR’s Core Values:

Focus on Strengths:  Helping youth discover their strengths and take steps towards their journey to success.

Respect:  Treating participants, families, and staff with dignity and respect.

Servant Leadership:  Supporting the LD/ADHD community with our time, knowledge, and innovation.

Environmental Ethical Programming:  Respecting the environment in an ethical way.

Commitment to Excellence:  Maintaining and leading industry standards.

Loyalty:  Loyal to stakeholders, staff, mission, clients, and organization.

Physical Plant Director Job Description


  Record keeping

      File management


      Microsoft Word, Excel

      Liaison with regulatory agencies (Health Department, etc…)

      Implementation of an Entrepreneurial Operating System in the Logistics department

      Report to the Director of Programs

      Manage and implement facilities repair requests


 Physical Plant

      Responsible for keys and access to all buildings

      Maintain all Balsam Base buildings and grounds

      Maintain physical condition and cleanliness of all Balsam Base Facilities

      Schedule landscaping of grounds to include weekly lawn maintenance in spring and summer

      Able to operate a tractor with front loader and change implements as needed

      Ensure the road remains graded

      Maintain trail systems

      Maintain and manage food service room, equipment room, and tool room

      Ensure the physical plant exceeds standards set by Jackson County Health Dept (JCHD) and American Camp Association (ACA)

      Plan / Supervise summer staff maintenance days (pre- and post-summer courses)

      Conduct a bi-weekly sweep of Balsam Base identifying any safety or maintenance issues

      Facilitate annual physical plant assessment of Balsam Base, including an electrical check

      Change water filters in all facility buildings as necessary

      Ensure the bathhouse is clean and stocked with paper products

      Manage key inventory

      Manage inventory of expendable supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, etc

      Maintain a well-marked and locked container for kerosene, white gas, and other liquid fuels.  Container will be situated away from any building.

      Ensure fire detection equipment and fire extinguishers in all buildings and cabins are checked twice annually

      Ensure annual/bi-annual inspection of fire extinguishers and suppression systems in the kitchen

      Ensure annual cleaning of hood, flue, and exhaust fan in the kitchen

      Submit drinking water samples for testing quarterly.

      Maintain diagrams or written physical descriptions of the locations of all electrical / water lines and cutoff points

      Manage septic system

      Create and maintain an annual and 5-year maintenance schedule

      Ensure pest control measures are in place and adequate

      Ensure arborist inspection occurs every three years

      Maintain the physical plant manual


      Maintain tool inventory, organization, storage, and cleaning

      Ensure all tools (including power tools) are in working order

      Maintain relevant budgeting and proper use training

      Maintain clean and safe working areas

Challenge Course

      Responsible for Challenge Course, inspection, and repairs

      Responsible for Challenge Course equipment maintenance, inventory, replacement, and procurement

Assist with Wilderness Equipment and Logistics

      Inventory Balsam wilderness equipment in September

      Develop an annual wilderness equipment purchase list

      Prepare all group gear for distribution

      Maintain and repair all wilderness equipment including mountain bikes

      Ensure that gear closets remain clean and dehumidified

      Issue individual gear to SOAR students as necessary

      Maintain wilderness equipment check-out / check-in system for year-round staff, Course Directors and students 

 First Aid Supplies

      Maintain inventory of first aid supplies

      Maintain orderliness of the first aid storage cabinet

      Maintain first aid kits and stock re-supply inventories


      Detail and implement maintenance plan for all SOAR vehicles

      Detail and implement a maintenance plan for all SOAR trailers including quarterly maintenance

      Detail summer transportation plan

      Conduct transportation training for SOAR staff

      Manage vehicle check-out / assignment plan on a seasonal basis

      Maintain toolboxes and emergency equipment for all SOAR vehicles

      Ensure speed limit signs are posted

      Coordinate with bookkeeper regarding fuel credit cards to summer vehicles

 Food Service

      Ensure proper storage of food in the food room, kitchen, and covered dining area

      Ensure compliance with all NC Health Department regulations

      Ensure compliance with all American Camp Association physical plant requirements

      Maintain adequate stock of bulk foodstuffs in the food room

      Oversee field food for all courses first expeditions

      ServeSafe Manager Certification

 Wilderness Skills (Preferred)

      Mountain Biking

      Rock Climbing

      White Water Rafting


      High and Low Challenge Course facilitation



      First Aid


      Hire and supervise Logistics Assistant staff

      Assist with SOAR programs on and off base

      Plan and Lead off-site programs

      Other responsibilities as assigned by Supervisor


Desired Experience and Requirements

Requirements: (Applicants missing any of these 6 will not be considered for the position)

      Bachelor’s Degree

      5 years’ experience in facility management / maintenance or construction

      5  years’ experience supervising others

      Valid driver’s license with no DUI’s

      Current Wilderness First Responder and Lifeguard Certifications (or have the ability to obtain)

      Must be able to complete the following physical abilities with or without reasonable accommodation:

      stand for long periods of time in excess of 5-6 hours

      sit for an extended period of time greater than 4-5 hours

      walk long distances

      bend, kneel, push and pull on a repetitive basis

      grasp small objects and work in confined spaces

                                     work in all a variety of environments including rain, snow, sleet, or ice

Physical Job Requirements

      Must be able to stand for long periods of time in excess of 5-6 hours.

      Must be able to sit for an extended period of time greater than 4-5 hours.

      Must be able to walk long distances.  

      Must be able to bend, kneel, push and pull on a repetitive basis.

      Must be able to grasp small objects and work in confined spaces.

      Must be able to work in all a variety of environments including rain, snow, sleet, or ice.

 Essential Knowledge: Camp operation, budget planning, and management; knowledge of logistics and equipment management

 Preferred Knowledge: Experience with LD and ADHD, and or youth at risk; Working knowledge of EOS, CliftonStrengths, Myers Briggs, or other personality profiles.

 Essential Skills: Residential plumbing, electrical, doors, knobs, lighting, security, carpentry; New construction; Remodeling; Cleaning practices; Challenge course, board and bike repair; Industry standards for program equipment and use; Vehicle and trailer maintenance and repair.

 Management Skills: Communication skills; leadership skills; problem-solving skills; planning and organization skills; staff training/facilitation skills; ability to delegate; attention to detail, ability to hold others accountable; ability to multitask; confidentiality; working knowledge of best hiring practices; intermediate level Excel and word processing skills. 

 Outdoor Skills: Intermediate level in adventure activities including rock climbing, challenge courses, whitewater rafting, caving, mountain biking, and wilderness backpacking; extensive risk management training.


This job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee. SOAR, Inc. provides equal opportunities to employees and applicants without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or identity, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status.

About SOAR Summer Camp, Boarding School, & GAP Year Program

SOAR is an accredited ADHD Outdoor Adventure Summer Camp, Boarding School, and GAP Year Program. We serve youth and young adults with ADHD and other Learning Disabilities in North Carolina, Wyoming, Florida, and internationally! Our outdoor adventure based programs provide academic instruction, experiential education, and life skills development for youth and young adults ages 8-25. Created in 1977 by an adult with learning disabilities, SOAR provides fun and successful outdoor experiences so that participants may gain greater awareness of their own strengths and improve self-esteem and confidence.