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The fitness industry includes a broad spectrum of companies that provide goods and services.

The industry is composed of companies that distribute or manufacture and sell fitness equipment, accessories, apparel, footwear and other gear. Providing services to these companies are designers, engineers, consultants, independent contractors and outside sales reps. Specialty retail stores and mass chain store merchants sell fitness gear, clothing and equipment to the consumer which includes individual fitness enthusiasts, gyms and fitness clubs, trainers, coaches, outfitters, hospitals, wellness centers and even the military and the government. Other careers are available specifically in gym and fitness clubs, private yoga classes, Crossfit gyms, fitness coaching and personal training and in outdoor fitness camps and trips. Other job opportunites exist working for fitness events such as triathlons, multi-sport events, swimming events, running events, mud races and obstacle cources. If your passion is fitness, there are an abundant number and variety of jobs and careers available in the fitness industry. Follow your passion!

Jobs and Careers Available in the Fitness Industry Include:

  • Fitness Apparel, Footwear, Gear and Equipment Manufactures and Wholesalers - Includes Designers, Engineers, Business, Marketing etc.
  • Fitness Apparel, Footwear, Gear and Equipment Retailers: Sales Staff, Product Buyers, Store Managers.
  • Gym and Fitness Clubs
  • Crossfit Gyms
  • Corporate Wellness Directors
  • Personal Fitness Trainers and Nutritional Coaching
  • Sports Specific Trainers
  • Fitness Directors - Camps, Resorts
  • Fitness Leaders - Tours and Trips
  • Event Directors and Workers
  • Fitness Independent Sales Reps
  • Private Yoga and Other Exercise Classes
  • Consultants and Independent Contractors Providing Services

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Fitness, Running, Obstacle Course, Triathlon Industry Jobs & Career Resources