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Banshee Riverboards

5465 E Terra Linda Way

Nampa, , 83687

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Company Description

Banshee is excited to introduce an entirely new board sport called Bansheeboarding that is quickly becoming the newest and hottest summer water sport activity. 


Banshee Riverboards combines bungee jumping with surfing!    


How does it work? One end of our Banshee Cord hooks to any rock or tree on shore, and the other end has a wakeboard handle, or our patented release system. The river current pulls the rider downstream and stretches the bungee over 200 feet. Once the Banshee Cord is fully stretched it recoils pulling the rider upstream at speeds over 30 miles per hour. Once on plane the rider can let go of the handle allowing them to free ride upstream, pull tricks like ollies, shove-it's, etc., and even catch and surf standing river waves. Once the board slows down the rider floats downstream, grabs the handle and repeats.  Our patented release system without the handle will automatically detach from the board after approximately 200 feet.


Recently Banshee Riverboards has been featured in publications like Men’s Health, Blonde, The New York Times, Sports Illustrated and also multiple news outlets on both radio and TV. The Banshee Riverboard system also won The 2006 ISPO Brand New Coolmax® Hardware Summer Award. Industry giants including DuPont judged the riverboard as the best new summer hardware product out of 200 brand new products from around the world.