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Attraxx Baits

PO Box 429

Carbondale, CO, 81623

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Company Description

Attraxx is the ONLY brand of scented baits that uses the patented Sci-X feeding stimulant. Attraxx is a specially designed composite material that is not afflicted by the same weaknesses as other soft-baits. It does not dry-out, and because it’s treated both inside and out, Attraxx does not need to be re-treated in order to be effective. Instead of getting weaker when it leaves the bag, it starts working when it hits the water. Most importantly, the Attraxx composite performs one very special function beyond that of a standard soft-bait. It’s engineered to act as a high-tech continual release delivery system for the Sci-X feeding stimulant. When a fish bites Attraxx, the Sci-X composition elicits an involuntary feeding behavior, whereby the fish will reflexively bite the source of stimulation and Engage the Predatory Instinct™.