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PO Box 549

Nederland, CO, 80466

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PeakWaggers makes all natural and organic trail food and jerky snacks for dogs.  Our products are 100% human grade, dehydrated and vacuum sealed designed for the dog heading out into the outdoors.  The trail food comes in water-proof packaging, ideal for the dog who tends to wander into rivers, creeks or lakes.  The food rehydrates within 10 minutes using 8oz of water of any temperature. One meal will feed a 60 to 120 pound dog.  Our food is packaged with two meals per unit. and is compact and light-weight.  The trail food flavors include two chicken and two beef, one of which is wheat-free.  Our jerky flavors are beef, wild alaskan salmon, bison and elk. The jerky is designed as a high-energy snack for the active, outdoor dog.