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We’re professional nature guides with a deep love for our home – the Pacific Northwest – and for sharing it with travelers from around the planet!  We’d be thrilled to show you around.

Our little team is family-owned and significantly experienced.  Our guides were born for this – we’ve been working outside for as long as we’ve been working! 

We didn’t just quit our Amazon jobs so we could play outside; we’re not Facebook execs with money to burn (no offense–tech giants)!  We have degrees in fun, nerdy things like Environmental Education, Forest Science, Sustainability, Environmental Policy, Wine & Spirits (yes–a master’s degree in wine & spirits!), and so on.  Heck, our guides even write the guide books for the region!  We live for this.

Our small-group trips are all-inclusive, comfortably paced, and we love spending time exploring our beautiful places on foot.  We’ve been pioneering trips like these for the last 15 years!