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W9183 Forested Road

Cambridge, WI, 53523

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e-Moto and our Urban Mover line of electric bikes, scooters, and powerboards are the perfect solution for both transportation and recreation. In today’s climate of expensive fuel and a heightened awareness of environmental sustainability, electric vehicles have enjoyed unprecedented consumer demand.
Our 2008-2009 models include lithium batteries (or silicon at a lower price point) along with the fit, finish, quality and styling that have made the Urban Mover range famous in Europe.    e-Moto is now proud to bring these proven products to the United States and Canada to complete our global distribution.
Our United States structure includes our corporate office and domestic distribution center in Kent, WA and our national sales headquarters in Madison, WI as well as sales offices in:
                                    United States
                        Seattle, WA               Portland, OR                      Boise, ID
                        San Francisco, CA  Los Angeles, CA                Stamford, CT
                        England                     China                                   Argentina
                        Australia                    South Africa                      Portugal
                        France                        Dubai                                   Liechtenstein
                        Spain                          Ireland                                Switzerland
There has never been a better time for electric vehicles. The technology is now ready to deliver on the promise of inexpensive transportation for all. With zero emissions, the Urban Mover line is a green product that today’s consumer has been demanding. 
Our advanced manufacturing, design and distribution have allowed us to easily handle the massive increase in demand over the past year. We are well positioned to support and grow our sales in coming years.
Electric Assist Bikes
Our bikes include a sensor that feels how hard the rider is peddling and instantly provides electric power to match the effort. Even a casual peddler can maintain speeds of 12-18 mph with minimal effort. Stop peddling and the power is interrupted instantly so that the rider is always in total control. Easily remove the battery or charge it on the bike with any traditional electrical outlet. The bikes are outfitted entirely with high end parts including Shimano components, Panasonic lithium battery, Tektro brakes, Kenda self-sealing tires & tubes and a premium alloy frame.
Electric Scooters
The Urban Mover brand of scooters are 100% electric, therefore they are ultra quiet, create zero emissions, and cost less than 1 cent per mile to operate. In order to provide varying price points we have developed both silicon and lithium battery powered scooters. The range on the scooters is up to 30 to 70 miles on a single charge depending on battery type. Plug them in anywhere and they fully charge in less than 6 hours or use two chargers and cut the charge time to less than 3 hours. Electric scooters are a fun, eco-friendly and efficient solution to high gas prices.